About Me

Basic Info

My name is Kaicheng Yang (杨凯程), you can also call me Kevin.

Currently I'm a Ph.D student at the School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering in Indiana University Bloomington. I major in Informatics with tracks in Complex Systems. Right I'm working with Prof. Filippo Menczer on improving Hoaxy a tool that can visualize the spread of claims and fact checking.

Before going to Indiana, I was working with Prof. Zhixi Wu as a Master student in physics at Lanzhou University, China. Before that I was trained as a theoretical physicist at Lanzhou University.

You can see my CV for more of my experience.

About this site

This site is generated by Pelican which takes great advantages of Python and hosted on GitHub. The theme was created by @parbhat and was called Pelica-Blue originally. I myself did some modifications with the theme. The nice icons on the left side come from Font Awesome, the neat hover effects come from Hover.css.